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    Exclamation Items that may NOT be traded here - READ BEFORE POSTING

    The Trading Post is intended for trading widget A for gadget B. The following may not be used as a trade item:
    1. Cash - Trading for cash = selling. Wrong forum, visit the For Sale section.
    2. Consumables - These are effectively convenient substitutes for cash. Examples of consumables include beer and fuel. Sell the item for cash and buy whatever consumable you want.
    3. Labor / Services - Trade items must be tangible (widget or gadget). Requests for (legal) manual labor and/or services belong in the Wanted section.
    4. Illegal wares / services - Sex, drugs, stolen goods, black market items, etc. etc. etc. Your post will be deleted and the local PD will be knocking on your door.
    This list may be amended at any time, so read it before posting any ad in this forum.
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