1997 Lexus LX450 (Toyota Land Cruiser with different badges, but cheaper for some reason), ARB front bullbar, Slee-sliders (rock sliders from www.sleeoffroad.com), Toyota-Japan center-diff-lock switch, Factory front & rear electronic lockers, ~5" Old Man Emu spring lift, 315x75x16 MTR tires.

This vehicle has really impressed me, with only the few mods I have put on it, it does VERY well offroad. It's not a buggy ofcourse, but for a complete luxury vehicle, all leather, CD changer, etc, very capable offroad. Biggest thing is the lockers, true factory lockers are awesome, factory Toyota quality, dash mounted switch, just can't beat it. I can't believe it took Jeep until now to put in a real locker in a Wrangler, Toyota/Merceedes-Benz/VW (in Europe) have been doing it for years.

I have taken my Lexus through trails far beyond what I thought I could (Holy Cross, Lower Helldorado in Moab, random other trails), nasty tight trails, it has done great. Wheelbase is about 112", which is enough different from a standard 4x4 my tires are in different spots and I can make it up things I honestly couldn't have in my '81 FJ40 (35" tires, locked f&r, etc), just from a wheelbase change.

Expensive, yes it is, but for a daily driver, which gets 33K+ miles/year, yet came with factory lockers and will outwheel 95% of 4x4ers in CO, I think that's a pretty good 'do everything' vehicle.

Feel free to write me about this vehicle or my '81 FJ40, which has a SM420 tranny, advanced adapter to '81 split-style t/c, 3.73 gears, 35" tires, winch, cage, etc...

Mark Brodis