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Thread: CJ5 Dimensions?

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    Does anybody know if all CJ5 tubs are the same? I know the later 5's are longer but I think it is all in front end. I want to know if the tub, i.e. tailgate to dash, side to side are the same dimensions. I'm not worried about difference in cowl length.

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    I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but if i remember correctly (it's been a while since I had my cj-5... i really miss it [img]graemlins/crybaby2.gif[/img] ) there are 2 different body lengths (the rear is longer like you said) and the width is the same on all. I had a toppper from a longer one on my shorter cj-5 and it fit except the back of the toppper hung off a little bit.

    Like I said, someone feel free to correct me since I'm a Yota boy now.
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    I remember reading that the wheelbase increase was all forward of the tub. I think the tubs will all interchange although the pre '72 had a drop-down tailgate. Don't know if this carried past the '71's. Could be the dif in top fit is in the windshields, pre 72 vs. '72 up. I believe the later models angled back a bit more.

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    Wow, lots of "I think" going on. The difference is entirely in the front clip and started with the '72 model year. A '72-75 CJ5 tub will practically bolt on to a pre-72 frame and the other pre-72 body parts will directly bolt on to it. Starting in '76 the tub dimensions didn't change, but minor differences which may or may not be difficult to overcome are there. For one, the frame changed in '76 so the body mounts are in different locations. This could be the biggest problem depending on how much fabrication you can do. The floor is slightly different in '76 and up tubs and the toolbox is gone. Seats mount differently in them also. A windshieild from any pre-76 CJ5 will bolt on to a '76 and up tub with the pre-76 lower hinges on the '76 and up tub. Fenders and hood are interchangable no matter what the year (as far as bolting to the tub goes). Hopefully this answers the original question.
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    Thanks for your help. That answers my question. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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