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    FIXED 7.3 PSD Turbo Surge / Flutter - ATS Compressor Housing

    I had been dealing with this issue ever since I upgraded my 7.3 with an intake and exhaust. I added a Banks Big Head Wastegate Actuator with some improvement until it locked up solid after about 1000 miles, causing my turbo to overheat while towing up I-70 at Genesee.

    I decided to talk to ATS about it before spending the money on the Banks Quick Turbo Setup. ATS has a ported compressor housing and a larger intake tube that will fix this issue on most PSDs with the problem,depending on year (99.5-03). I had them install this package and the flutter / surge has gone away completely. It increases the intake tube and inlet to 4" instead of 2.8"??, which I am not sure does much other than smooth out the air flow as the turbine wheel itself stays the same. The intake tube is also much larger and does not have the bends and ridges that the factory one has. The turbo spools up much quicker and the truck runs alot smoother with a noticable, not extreme, amount of power increase across the board. Parts and install ran just over $700.

    Here is a link to their website -

    Part # - T730445-A
    1977 Scout Terra- Ford EFI 460, Art Carr C6, NP205, 9", hp44, 37" Boggers

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    I did the same to mine and my brothers 7.3's, it got rid of the turbo surge completely
    84 Toy Xtra-cab 4.3 chev, ford9"spool, dana 44 ARB 5.13s cromolys CTMs 38.5X14.5X15 SXs on champions and a heavy right foot:cool:

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    Any updates? Looking at doing the same thing to my truck.

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    As far as I am concerned it works great. No complaints at all. Talk to Jason Velder there, he also told me that if I ever wanted or needed to upgrade the turbo to their aftermarket setup, the $ invested in the housing would come off of the price of the new full setup. I am also considering one of these to maybe help control the boost pressure. The stock controller seems to blow open real easy, and the banks Big Head sux azz IMHO.

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