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    Trail Clean Up Truck Project w/pics

    I wanted to build a project with a purpose. Something that might benefit the 4x4 community. So this last spring I bought an old Chevy truck with the plans of making it into a dedicated "Clean Up" truck. (I never have enough room in my Jeep to haul much trash). While I want the truck to be good for hauling trash, I also want it to send a message that we are not just out there tearing up trails. I want people to know that people and companies care enough about the sport to build trucks specifically to clean up and maintain our trails.

    I have a whole plan for the trucks build up and then how I am going to show it to get the message out. I am still open to ideas and still have a lot to do.

    I have been a bit slow building the project. Mainly becasue it is only me working on it.

    Here are a couple of pictures. It is still very rough and needs lots of work. Just thought I would share.

    Sorry for the picture size.

    This is a long way from being complete.

    I would like to thank the following companies for caring enough about the message and helping me out with this to this point. (Holley,Weiand, Flowtech, Allied Racing, Superlift, KC Highlights, Bushwhacker, Tuffy, Hobart, Prothane)

    I will post more information on how these companies have helped if you would like.

    The truck is a 1974 Chevy 3/4 ton longbed "Camper Special" has a 454 with a valve rattle(motor needs some love), TH350 that I want to convert to a 700R4. I have no idea on the t-case 203 or 205. 14bff rear/D44 front.

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    awesome idea. cant wait to see the finished product.
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    Thats an Awsome idea Ireally dig it. Are you planning on building it big enough to run most trails?

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    I saw this on CRN and was pretty sure youd be on here. Nice idea x3. I was hopping you lived in the springs area cause Id offer my help if you needed it, but I cant make the drive to denver and work on my stroker at the same time. Look forward to seeing it done. You thinking of a neat little paint job, maybe border patrol scheme or just forest service green and some bandaids.
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    I am still working on paint ideas. I need something that will stand out and give the right image.

    I have a stroker motor project for my TJ that is being neglected for this project at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xtremjeepn-Cole Ford
    I am still working on paint ideas. I need something that will stand out and give the right image.

    I have a stroker motor project for my TJ that is being neglected for this project at the moment.
    maybe go one solid color,and then see if some sponsors can help with decal graphics and stuff like that.perhaps an obnoxious loud color and some cool graphics to advertise the truck's true purpose?

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    Maybe Jeep Burnt Orange and some Fast & Furious MKIV Supra Flying Guy Decal holding a trash pickup stick wearing tatered flip flops?

    Also is that a Ownes Classic Grille Guard?

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    Ill donate my welder and time..
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    Flat bed that puppy removable somewhat tall sides inserts with expanded metal to hole stuff on and be able to tarp the top of it for the land fill maybe. Some tie downs for plastic drashcans along the cab for smaller stuff so it doesn't fall through or out of the truck maybe? SO many cool things you could do with that. stay the trail sponcers like that go to all the 4x4 vendors for donations for metal supplies maybe. 50 to 100 bucks from each 4x4 shop in denver or CO. alone and slap one of their stickers on that truck should get enought metal to finish up a nice bed for that thing.
    Just shooting off some ideas.

    I think your onto something good with that rig right there. Keep up the good work.
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    Great ideas guys. Keep them coming.

    Thanks for those of you who have offered some help. I would like to get this to somewhat show worthy by the "Colorado Off Highway Expo" and EJS. It would be great if we could show it then and take it to Moab and organize some clean up events out there.

    I have thought about the flat bed idea too. Even considered a custom aluminum bed. If the design could include enough "billboard" space I would love to see it. I have lots of text planned for the sides of the truck and want to make it big enough that people can read it from a distance. This is why I am thinking of modifying the existing bed and doing a nice set of stake sides on it. I can use all that space.

    I have a spare for this truck that I need to mount too. Its a 37 on 17x8 beadlock. I CAN NOT mount it above the bed. I can't do anything to raise the height of the truck. It MUST still fit in my garage when not in use. I was thinking of a swing away on the back that will swing and lock to the side so there is still access to the bed. Something that may incorporate a trash bag dispenser, shovel racks etc. Or maybe cutting away part of the bed in front of one of the wheel wells and making an integrated tire mount. (Way above my bodywork skills). This would add some "flare" to the apperance and hopefully draw more people in to look at it. Thoughts?

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    Holy big pics.
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    Ya, I know. I need to work on that. I did it for the old blind guys so they could see them.

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    In my part of the country, Home Depot rents flat bed trucks. The flat beds have short metal sides with hinges. They look like they are easy to load and unload.

    Good luck,

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    Who makes the Home Depot flat beds?

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    I just can't get over the statement that"I have been a little slow on this profect" That kills me LOLOLOLOL
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    oh yeah if you flat bed it you may have room under the bed for a spare?

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    Side mount the spare, like a classic jeep or gladiator concept. :-)
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    mount it on the neck style
    It was me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LipCJ7
    oh yeah if you flat bed it you may have room under the bed for a spare?

    How many YEARS did it take you to fix that fuse in your fuel injection?

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    Great Idea! I wish I could lend a hand as well. Seems you've got a great start.

    What about replace the tailgate with this:

    They are reversible so that when you want the entire bed, it's there and you still have your spare tire, but then when you want to park it in the garage, you flop it back and you don't have any length issues.

    How about seeking sponsorship from Waste Management and places like that. If nothing else, maybe a way to dump the trash for free.

    A 3/4 ton truck should haul a lot of trash, but once you get the leverage of that spare tire on the back with a full load, you may consider overload springs of some sort. Air bags would be ideal, but those cost some coin.


    Is that a fall guy avatar?
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    That is a pretty cool tailgate. Bet it is a bit tricky to reverse.

    I have tried to contact WM a couple of times and have not had any luck.

    When we lifted the truck we used an add-a-leaf in the rear with a small block. That way we would keep the hauling capacity. Technically the truck is a "heavy 3/4 ton". I have had over 4600lbs in the bed and it still does okay.

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    If you have a cherry picker, and make a hook in the center of the tire, I'd bet it's be pretty close to center. Just an option, not a solution, but it's cheaper than a flatbed.

    Is that a fall guy avatar?
    Sorry just have ta know.


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    i suggest keeping the bedsides ,as they make a great billboard for signage.
    maybe set the spare up vertical at the front of the could still pile trash in around it.maybe lay it down and shuffle it about as you need to depending on what ya have to haul?KISS should always be in mind.Keep It Simple,Stupid LOL

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    Yeah, When I bought the truck I found the "Fall Guy" avatar.

    I was trying to find pictures of the "secret compartment" they had built into the bed of the truck. Still have not found any. Would love a secret compartment like that

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    What about mounting it to the hood, Land rover style?? Or ,maybe a headache rack with a mount on it so it sits upright behind the window?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cherokeeJim
    What about mounting it to the hood, Land rover style?? Or ,maybe a headache rack with a mount on it so it sits upright behind the window?
    Headache rack: I like. Thats a good idea to keep more free space. Mount a shovel bracket and axe bracket up there too.
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    Have you ever tried to wheel a landrover with a tire on the hood? You can't see anything. Now think about a truck with 37s and a 37 on the hood

    I want to be able to see out the rear window too.

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    need to make the be a hydraulic dump..
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    make the rack for the spare in the bed behind the cab that holds shovels and all that crap, have it hinge on the bottom so that you can lay it down in the bed and your stuff still fits in the garage, some other things you can prolly do is make some compartments in the sides of the bed using the actual sheet metal of the bed for the doors. the best spots for this may be below the bed floor level like the old f150 explorers used to have.

    are you almost ready to paint the doors or the cab and fenders at least?
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    The headache rack wouldnt be that hard to do, but the tailgate would be sweet as well.. It would make a sweet base to attaching shovel/rake/bag mounts etc to..

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    Mount the tire standing up in the bed, longitudinally, in front of the left fenerwell (right behind the driver's seat). You should still be able to see fine, and won't take up any more space than neccesary. Swing away carrier (or tailgate) seems like a PITA on a "work" truck. Or mount it on top of the motor (ala Subaroo).

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    BZ on the ideas and getting the rig ready for clean-up duties.

    We did a trail clean-up a while back & 4x4NOW did a nice article showing dedicated Forestry Service folks & 4 wheelers working together doing what needed to be done.

    You can see some of the junk I had piled up on my POS here in this pic. Also, one of the Big Bear local campgrounds sponsored us for the weekend & gave us free camping spots while the local dump in Big Bear allowed us to bring the trash & dump it for free at their facility.

    Again, BZ on the ideas.

    Oh, here's a pic of a local Jeep stakebed truck set-up for clean-up duties. Notice the spare tire location, hoist, hilift, pic, ax, etc. This may give you a few ideas.

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    FWIW the first picture is from the Carnage Canyon clean up day.

    I like this..

    What is "BZ"? ( I feel like a noob )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xtremjeepn-Cole Ford
    I like this..
    What is "BZ"? ( I feel like a noob )
    I like it too and have been thinking about trying to buy it.

    BZ = Bravo Zulu. It's an expression often used by military folks (I'm retired military) giving cordial thanks for a good job/idea and expressing appreciation towards something. At least that's how I've used BZ and heard it used.

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    Lol, 7 years in the military and I didn't make the connection. I was thinking it was some kind of forum language.
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    Nice work so far! Here is a rack on my wrecker/plow truck. It holds up to 4 spares.
    The pic is from my gallery but I could not get it to just post here. All you would need is a long bolt to attach your spare to the inside of the bed .

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    As for secret compartments....

    Check out the Early 70s dodge pickups. They had tool boxes built into the side of the beds just in front of the wheel well. I do not Think it would be too hard to design a box in the sides, and you could probably use the Tool doors off a dodge.

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    Pretty sure '70s Fords had the optional toolboxes in the bed sides as well. Sure wish my Dodge has them, would be great for jumper cables, tow strap, etc.


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    I have mounted two ammo cans under the rear corners of my bed... they come in real handy for a tow strap and ratchet straps....

    I even used the same bolts that attach my jerry cans on top....

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    Hey, now there is a cool idea.

    I used an ammo can years ago to mount my CD changer.

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