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Thread: Amc Gm Tbi ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric


    Addr: Value:
    $4E7 $00
    $4E8 $AB
    $4E9 $00
    $4EA $AC

    LOL it's stuff like this that scares me
    As a comparison, most of the megasquirt interface is gouiesq

    Which I feel more comfortable with.

    I'm not pimping the MSII or anything like that, just pointing out that there are options out there if your not limited by smog legaity issues.
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    I spent all day yesterday doing this:

    The leaky 401 is out, the reubilt 360 is in. I hooked up the throttle body from the 350. Despite a few minor glitches that I have to fix today, it's running. The stock settings from the 350 seem to be doing reasonably well for the 360. It's not running horribly rich anyway. Though I have a vacuum leak in the cab (probably the quadratrac shifter). I may be able to drive it by the end of the day.
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    Great tech stuff here. I just thought I would throw in one little tidbit that I learned the hard way. We do lots of Howel systems at the shop & a few months ago, I did one on a nice old Cherokee Chief with a 401. Got it all done & it was so rich it would barely run. Stated checking fuel pressure in different places & it was way up there one time but the next time I would check it it would be different. I pretty much had it narrowed down to the return line being clogged but air would flow just fine through it. Anyway, to make a long story short, after going insane trying to figure out what was going on, I finally found that in the short rubber hose, between the hard line & the tank, AMC used a pill type check valve that is just shoved up inside the rubber line & it was sticking shut causing the problem.

    Hard to find.....easy to fix.
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