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Thread: Carnage LHC 6-16

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    Carnage LHC 6-16

    So, I did something yesterday that I never thought I'd do without more lift at least, but preferably my SAS and lockers. I took my Xterra (1.5" SL, 2" BL, 33s) through Carnage. I managed to make it through with open difs front and rear even though it started raining about 1/4 of the way up the trail. Unfortunately neither myself nor my buddy Ryan brought our cameras (yeah I know, we're dumba$$es). Having walked the trail several times and ridden up in a couple Jeeps I knew what to expect...kinda...
    After having completed the trail, I gotta say thank goodness for full skids and sliders

    Ryan did manage to snap this photo of me with the camera on my phone (crappy quality, but what ya gunna do?)

    It was a blast and I wish they would keep it open, but such is life...

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    Sweet, I did it in the Jeep but often wondered about making through in the Xterra. Nice photo.
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    An Xterra can run that trail stock. Can't do the hardest parts, but it can make it through without carnage .
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