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Thread: Carnage never fails

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    Cool Carnage never fails

    Ran Carnage (Left hand) today, made it up to the top with out incident, saw some cool rigs, couple neat toy p/u's. A really cool FJ with a full size drivetrain. Anyway, I get up to the top and start heading down the easy side, back to the main drag. Not 10 mins into the easy decent there are three or four rigs parked on the trail, and a ford exploder a bit further down. The driver of the explorer had rolled his truck somehow (still a mystery to everyone but him). He was driving up hill on the easy trail, apparently bumped the thing into nuetral or reverse, went backwords down the trail for about 25 ft. driving the pass. rear tire up and into the hill, leveling a tree and then flopping his exploder on its side. He was ok, but I have a hard time giving him sympathy due to where and how he flopped.

    After a jeep winched him back over, the exploders front end was pointing nearly down the hill. The driver (kid) threw the thing in reverse, punched it, tagged another tree and proceeded to nearly roll it a second time. From what I saw the kid didnt have enough cells to rub together to figure it out a second time. Things got all worked out, the torque convertor was shot and the ended up kind of coasting/ easing the ford down with the help of the jeep behiend it, connected with a tow strap. Over all Carnage was great to me today, ran most of the technical lines, including the waterfall by myself. After that I went up to lyons to check out the whitewater fest. Great way to cool down!

    Sorry about the lack of pics. It was only me in my group and I'd rather drive!

    The Headache-'84 Toy, 5.29's, Detroit/spool, Longfields, flatbed and no luck!

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    Kayaking is cool too.

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    Explorer flop

    We were the ones who winched the guy back up onto his wheels. I was coming down the trail in my ZJ after fixing my brother's TJ steering arm which broke on Carnage. I come over a rise in the road, and there is a Green Explorer coming up. All of a sudden, it starts going backwards- fast. Amazing that it didn't go off the edge and down the mtn. The kid driving was definitely not a rocket scientist, but he was OK. We righted the rig, and after junior nearly rolled it again, my other friend drove it down using the e-brake and gears to keep it slow.
    No brake fluid, no brakes, and something wrong with tranny. We left him down on Lefthand road- he was organizing his trash. We cleaned up the road as best we could, scooping all the fluids, broken glass, etc into a box and putting it back in the kid's rig.
    I couldn't believe my eyes when that thing started down the hill. Un-believeable. He was VERY lucky.
    I've been going up LHC for 20 years, and I'm still amazed at what one can see up there on any given day. Never a dull moment.

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