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    CORE Sunday

    More photos here.


    Thank you is not enough for what you did for my family yesterday. Your hard work, your effort to get his going, your wife manning the check-in, the volunteers to run the events, and the Good spirits off all the spectators and entrancees made for a great weekend. It was just the THERAPY my father and I needed. (Even the wind and the dirt storms did not seem to put a damper on things)

    I got to take one the news 4 reporters for a full course ride on the Open class course. He and I were mic'd with an on board camera mounted. It was THRILLING so say the least. I scared the shiat out of him, but I think he had a great time. My dad spotted me through the course, and had me close to rolling, but was able to get on it, or put in the clutch and roll out of it. All in all, not to toot my horn, but it was an Impressive ride!
    Then the gentleman did a 10 min interview with my about my mom. I got to tell about the accident, some good memories, what I miss about her, and how she was there with me that day in my heart...honestly, the way the entire day went, she was carrying me though it all! I felt her all around me, guiding me and the Zuk, keeping all safe.

    I took 1st in my class for rock crawling, and 3rd in the open class. It was a blessed day, and I did it all for Sheila Eldridge...MY MOM!

    Thanks again and Volunteers for all your hard work. Cannot wait until next time!

    PS. CARL...I just might have to take you up on the MUD run thing...challenge is something I have a hard time saying NO to.

    Here is what the Yahoo photo gallery story says..(it did not copy over with the link)
    My dad, Mark and I had a wonderful day.

    I had the channel 4 news guy ride along with me on the harder course. He and I were mic'd, with an onboard camera, it was thrilling to say the least!(I scared him pretty good-he he) Then he interviewed me about my mom for 10 minutes.
    They were out there filming to do a segment called "Colorado Get-Aways" that they do, a 30 minute preview of places to visit in CO.
    Well I took 1st in my class, then I also entered in the harder Open class, and took the guys by surprise and took 3rd. I am pretty sure I did my mom proud.
    When I ran my class, I had a memorial for my mom taped to the passenger seat...and let me tell you..She would have never rode shotgun!! She did that day, and I am pretty sure she enjoyed it!
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    Great job for your mom Critter!!! And I'm super glad to see your dad out on the course! Great finish too!
    TRAIL HUGGER - Enuf said.

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    You did an awesome job. It was nice to meet you and your father. I lost my Dad in April so I understand. Again you did great and had a huge smile all day.
    Next time I'll try not to murder so many cones and flags and give you a better run Hope to see you again. Tim I posted some stuff in the proshop but had no pics. There where tons of cameras???? Someone has to more pics as well???
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    Damian and I worked hard to set this up in a short time. Thanks to all who helped out. Hopefully we made a little cash for Carl!! It was a good time for everyone. We will put on another race in the fall. This time with way more notice and hopefully some more prizes. I want to thank 4 Wheel Parts for the prizes donated and Carl for getting the awards made up. I hope everyone went home happy!!!!!

    Like I said last week this was a great chance for people to be on TV and make your sponsor happy with some airtime. While check out the 30 min Colorado Getaways show the week of July 1st. Everyone got some TV time, Tim's Jeep got some good airtime at the end of the day and my buddy Luke's BEAT CJ-5 did as well (this could have been you) !!!! The TV guys were filming all morning long, and then came back again doing interviews in the PM.

    Also next race we need more stock (35 inch and under rigs) Tony who took 2nd had open diffs and 33's. Everyone was able to drive there rigs home. The stock course was fun and challenging but doable. I know there were alot of peopel scared to run there rigs......take off your skirts boys and come racing............CRITTER WILL SHOW YOU HOW IT'S DONE

    Once again thanks everyone for comming out and showing support. If you did not make it...........BE THERE FOR THE NEXT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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