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Thread: Moab Trip April 27th - May 1st

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    Moab Trip April 27th - May 1st

    We had a great trip. Here is the run down, and carnage.

    27th-BFE Land, Bent 2.00 OD .250 DOM control arm on 2nd obstacle.

    28th-Hells Revenge. Made Mick's Hole, and Escalator. Met LittleWhiteXJ, nice guy.

    29th-Helldorado. Atempted last obstacle, not ready to hit it as hard as necessary with my new rig.

    30th-Poison Spider/Rusty Nail/end of Spike. Made Double Whammy with no problem. Put rig on it's side on first obstacle of Rusty Nail.

    Most of my pics are on a compter still in Moab. Here of some of the rig taking a little rest. Damage was minimal, cage has some scratches. The front left tire staying on the obstacle is what saved me.

    All in all we had a good time.

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    Looks like fun, i bet if you get that spare tire off your roof you rig will stop taking naps on it's side like that

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    thought you were taking that thing off your roof to wheel? hehe. Sweet pics! Still loving that jeep man, hope it was aas much fun as it looks

    If it don't kill'll make for a great story later :)

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    trying to upload the pics and videos from the escalator got one pic off my phone from right before you got there!!

    sorry about the size...
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    looks farmiliar!

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    more vids on the way!!! these were off my phone too...

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    Did you guys happen to get a GPS track of Rusty Nail? That first obstacle sure seems to flop a lot of rigs!
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