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    8.8 into a TJ question- breather/brake mount

    I'm in the final prep stages of getting the 8.8 under my TJ... I have purchased a WJ flexible brake line (to go from the axle to the jeep itself)... the brake line mounts to the axle using the factory diff breather nipple on a Jeep...

    Where did everyone get nipple with enough thread to mount the brake line on an 8.8 (approximately 1 1/4 inch of thread)? At the moment, I just have a bolt holding on the brake line, but would like to use this the axle breather as well. If I can't find one, I just drill and tap another hole for the breather.

    Part number? Where did you find one?

    I've checked several locations (including Checkers, ACE, Home Depot, and Lowes) without any success. The factory 8.8 breather nipple is not pipe thread, but standard bolt thread (and if memory serves me, 3/8, fine thread). I've already drilled and tapped this hole for this thread size.

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    Hmm, Not really sure what the problem is. I used the factory D35 breather. Just drilled and tapped a hole right where it was on the D35.

    I used Russell Racing steel braided hose. But it was a factory direct replacement for the D35 splitter. bent new hard line out to the calipers and then just used the "short" rubber caliper hoses from the factory 8.8 on both sides. (one side from the factory is short, just get another one)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xtremjeepn-Cole Ford
    ... I used the factory D35 breather. ...
    I was trying to get the 8.8 completely assembled prior to my installation in the TJ... my factory D35 breather is still under the jeep and in use. I'm just looking for a correct sized nipple (without having to use the factory D35 breather.)

    I'll likely end up pulling the factory D35 breather and confirm if it is the same size thread as the 8.8 breather hole.

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    How much work is it really to unscrew the D35 breather, check the threads, and screw it back in until you're ready to install the 8.8?

    It's not like you can really have the 8.8 ready to bolt in and drive anyhow. Gotta attach the brake lines and bleed them.

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    Over the lunch hour... a $1.95 fitting from Rocky Mountain Supply, then a trip to ACE for another fitting ($1.85) and I'm in business. Problem solved.

    And I picked up a few U-joints at Rocky Mountain Supply as well.
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