First MAOB trip in the green jeep. It simply kicked but. Nothing took two tries.
Ran psm on sat. ran into some xj guys from the board.

Sunday broke a cross pin while starting out in a flat area at kane creek.
Monday picked up the jeep fixed and ready from the buys at Moab 4x4 outpost. Saved mt trip for sure.

Monday had other friend with new build, ran PSM again.

tuesday went down to flat iron mesa. thought it much more abuse than PSM. would be lots of fun to run backwards. went down the tilt-a-wheel. Don't get why it is a big deal. Went through the easter egg hill and lost brakes at the worst possible moment. still had no damage to the body. (think i blew the front caliper seal)

wensday we jumped in one jeep and headed out to hey joe. Beautiful area full of water. Must go back with intertubes. 9 mile float with easy access on the green river.

Sorry no pics yet waiting for a e-mail.