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    Another fullwidth xj build

    sorry my built isn't as extreme as a narrowed xj or a xj yota. But the more input I get from all you guys an gals the better off I am. I'll try to post everyday with the progress and alot of pics. I've done plenty of bolt on kits in my time and thought it was time to step up the game. This summer I'll be going back to work for my old boss who does coustom fab work so tools and equiment souldn't be a problem. hopefully. anyway here's the quick overview of what's going down.
    9-10 of lift. xj coils up front and bronco springs in the rear.
    Ford 9" out of a '79 fullsize bronco w/ a full spool and 4.88
    matching Hp44 w/ a detroit and 4.88
    high steer with hydro assist.
    full boxed in frame with exo cage
    38 in tsl
    My avatar is my xj right now sittin on a 3in lift and 31. I'm still trying to figure out how to post pics.

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    9-10" lift is BIG! Id shoot for 5.5-7" of total suspension lift. with some cutting and the full width axles you should be fine with 38s. At 9-10" suspension over stock and 38s you wil be pretty tippy on side hills...Ive been there.

    Good luck on your project!

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    84 Toy Xtra-cab 4.3 chev, ford9"spool, dana 44 ARB 5.13s cromolys CTMs 38.5X14.5X15 SXs on champions and a heavy right foot:cool:

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    I agree with cagedxj

    I think if you can limit your lift to get about 5 or 6 inches of up travel on your suspension, but plenty of droop. Then clearance the heck out of the body, you'll end up with alot lower center of gravity. Course if you don't want to hack up your body, you'll need alot of lift.

    Keep us posted on the build!!

    As far as posting photo's. There are plenty of free sites where you can upload your photo's and then link to them. But I found that as soon as you post alot of photo's (like in a build-up thread) you will exceed the bandwidth they give you for free and then no one can view your photo's. So hunt around for the best price on the upgrade. I use but truthfully, I never researched to see what sites are cheaper or better.
    87 Xota

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    I have found that imageshack is the best for hosting pics. They will even size them for forums as you upload.

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    I got a pic on imageshack put how do I transfer it to this form?

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    click the little pic thing in reply, and copy, paste the http. address from the page into the little box and it should work. or get the one with the [img] thingys and just paste it on your reply.
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    On the screen shot below, the highlighted line is what you need to copy, than paste it into your message, and the photo will show up.

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    Sounds like a great build, but if I've learned one thing from my years as a web wheeler it's that these kinds of threads....

    DAMN, where's that "THIS THREAD IS WORTHLESS WITHOUT PICS" gif when I need it!!

    I've been holding off posting info about my build until I have pics of progress... I die a little bit each time out of anticipation for pics when I see someone talking about a new build!

    Get'er done!
    - Steven

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    Found it!!

    Sorry, had to do it! Now get those pics up!

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    the hp 44

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    Cool, I want one.

    Do we need to talk about sizing photo's? We can help you make that larger.

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    the 9 in

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    Ya how do you get the picture bigger? I changed the size before I uploaded it but when I put it on this page it's still the same size.

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    Great choice on axles.

    One question, why is the yoke missing on the 9in?. You may have problems with pinion bearing pre-load if you only install a yoke and not do a rebuild. You may be o/k with just installing it and torqueing it to spec., but you won't be able to measure pre-load.

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    I've got the yoke. The guy robbed the nut that holds on yoke. My boy matt @ colorado axel & gear will take care of all of that when he installs the spool and gears.The guy took the axels of by taking the frame mounts off. So I got the springs and mounts too. I also score the trac bar w/ frame mount, radius arms, tierod and draglink. All of this and the axels for $200. Not a bad deal at all. What up with the pics? Why are they so small still?
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    Glad to hear you are going to go thru those diff's.

    That last picture you posted unlike the first, you can click on and make big and that is always good. It is probably image shack that makes it stay small (maybe to save on bandwidth). I'm not familar with image shack. Maybe cagedxj can help ya.

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    I tried photo bucket and their havin proplems with their web site. I just got back for den col and got all the steel I need. After our wheelin trip to slatterhouse on sun I will start the teardown.

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    So some shit hit the fan with the landlord and we have to move out by the end of the month. So the tear down will have to wait till then. I could do it at my parents house but that would in the dirt with rocks everywhere. Plus their would be no point I starting it to move it a month later. But in the meanwhile I will try to accumulate as many parts possible. I still need some DOM tubing & hiem's for the front arms & steering arms. Some type of ram assist, an aw4, 8in coils and 4-5" shackels. The 9in will be back hopefully in 2 weeks and then the HP 44 will be sent off to get rebuilt. If any of you guys have some of the stuff for sale let me know. I wan't to try and get every thing together so I don't have to wait on parts when it comes time for the build.
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    what land lord? arnt you still living at your parents house?
    85 4runner, 38s, locked f/r, duals.
    95 tacoma ext cab v6.

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    Damm Your just out to cramp my style. I'll explain it to ya sence the short verision wasn't good enough for you. I don't know where you've been,but I haven't stayed @ my parents house in awhile. Alot of my stuff is still there. I stared to bring some of my stuff to tylers cause we were going to wait till mid summer to pick up on a good house we had pick out and I would live @ his P's till then. But T patt and his dad got into it a few nights ago and his dad decied to change his mind and to me told and tyler to get all our stuff out. When I had nothing to do with it at all. That's what I ment By shit hit the fan with the land lord. That also means no xj project on his property. T patt might come stay at my P's till we get the house. He has till the end of this month. There, now quit post stupid shit. The next time that happens wayne brady gunna smack B!@#$
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