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    Holley Jet size?

    Anybody know off hand what the size of the stock jets inside the holley truck avenger in a 670 cfm carb?

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    Um duh...

    If you've got their P/N 0-90670 (which is kind of a 'hopped up' 4150); regardless of the "dash" number the factory jets are:
    68 - Primary
    89 - Secondary
    All will have a 0.028 Pump nozzle
    All ship with a black secondary spring.
    The "dash" carbs (p/n -1, -2) will use a #25 power valve...
    ... if you DON'T have a "dash" then your power-valve is a #65

    If you're chasing jetting - Holley pushes one number (smaller) for each 2000' of altitude, and from experience, this may leave you a bit rich if you've got a "shorty" style intake (small plenum volume).

    This may get a little sick here, but if you buy a set of 62s for the primaries, and move the factory 68s to the secondaries... this usually "gets" a non-dash (the #65 power-valve) really close for a 350SBC that's mildly warmed and not expecting 6krpm...

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