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Thread: trailer hitches

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    trailer hitches

    if you are interested in a good hitch,with a great warranty,and a great price---this hitch has a "do anything you want to--(abuse,collision) " kind of warranty.for 5 bucks extra.LOL

    i mention this because a lot of us have reciever hooks/d rings for towing/recovery purposes,and thought it's be a good one to share.
    anyhow,the u haul hitches are competivley priced,and have a new is 5$ more,and it covers overloading,corrosion,and collision damage.a no questions asked warranty.i have one and had in installed on my 73 blazer(they had to order it,but do list one for that old turd LOL).
    i have personally seen hitches get mangled towing,and i bet some get mangled while in recovery situations,and thought this would be a worthy post and of interest to the board members.

    thanks to hardcore 4x4 for linking me to this part of the forums
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