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Thread: Lhc 2-20-06

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    Lhc 2-20-06

    Had powerwagon67 (Dan) lead us in his TJ, then had a ZJ and 2 WJ's with BB's and 31's...Thanks for leading Dan...never ran that second half of the trail before.

    Pics and movies:

    Sliding around:

    The top:
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    Here are a few more pics. Had a great time meeting some new faces.

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    Yeah it was fun guys. And again thanks for the being the lead Dan.

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    It was a fun time fellas. Good to meet you Dan, thanks for leading.
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    Great pics!!
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    I guess I'm just a wimp! All that snow/ice mixed with rocks and trees scares my pretty WJ.
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    Looks like ya'll had a good time. I didnt make it back into town till about 1 in the afternoon so couldnt tag along. Maybe next time
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    Quote Originally Posted by Waifer2112
    I guess I'm just a wimp! All that snow/ice mixed with rocks and trees scares my pretty WJ.
    I came damn close to giving my front right fender some nice dents in it Made the trail very interesting...

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