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    I've got my eye on the Man-a-fre shackle reversal kit for my '74 fj. Am I misguided? Could I do better? Is the install painful?

    1988.5 Zuk - 1.6L 16v, locked F/R, YJ SUA, 4.89:1, 3.73, cage, comfy seats

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    No you don't want that POS Screws up your approach angle,most people cut off the rears and weld it to the front for the low profile.

    Can you fab stuff up? are you going spring over?

    Here is Jeff's (Dog walker) verison

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    Listen to jettech if you dont youll be sorry.

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    the kits aren't worth the money for the approach angles that they f^%$ up...make your own. move the rear perches to the front, cut the tube out of the front perches and recess it into the frame in the rear. piece o cake.

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    This feedback all makes good sense, but what about us non-fabrication enabled folk? Perhaps my question then should have been to ask for decent places to do this for me in north central CO (Greeley).

    I would also like to go springover someday too. Does that require crazy stuff like rotating steering knuckles, or just moving spring perches on the axles?

    Thanks for not letting me waste my money.


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    I just finally noticed Jettech's URL link to Jeff's setup. Shackle hanger holes in the frame!??!! I'm not sure I have the intestinal fortitude to watch someone cut big old holes in my frame...yet. I know, I'm a wimp.

    Back to the MAF kit. Is the approach angle worse than the factory shackle-forward setup, or is it just not as good as if the reversal were done "correctly"?

    Thanks for being patient with me.


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