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    Since I could never find definitive information on the Chrysler 8.25" axle (found commonly in the rear of XJ's), I thought I'd post some information that I just found out about it as I tore one down for replacement axles.

    First of all, It has an 8.25" ring gear. Hence it's name. Pretty decent size - I believe the D44 axle has a 8.5" ring gear. So the CC8.25" isn't much smaller when it comes to that.

    The pinion I didn't take out. But in my past ramblings on trying to find info on it, it's a decent size'd pinion gear. Definitely bigger than the D35 and the D30 pinion gear (both in the diameter of the shaft and the size of the gear head). But I believe it's a smidgeon smaller than the D44 when it comes to pinion shaft diameter. Can anyone clarify that?

    Now for the important stuff - axle shafts. This is what we break most often and this is why we go to larger axles in the first place, for beefy axle shafts.

    The axle shaft in the 8.25 is dissapointing. As most know, it's a C clip style axle (just as D35 and the Ford 8.8 is). It's a 27 spline (at least in the XJ case) shaft that has a 1.05" diameter at it's smallest section - which is about a foot of length from the splines out. The shaft tapers to two larger sized diameters before ending with the plate that has the wheel studs mounted on it. I didn't bother measuring those with calipers as an axle will nearly always break at the point of it's weakness - which will be the section that is 1.05" diameter.

    I feel better now that I have two replacement shafts to take along with me on trips in case I break one in my detroit locked axle under my XJ. Seeing as the 8.25 is pretty weak with that 1.05" diameter and 27 splines, It'll only be a matter of time before I do break one.

    I'll post some pictures of it later.

    Is anyone interested in the carcas of an 8.25" axle? The only thing missing are the shafts and diff cover. Everything else is there - including brakes and drums. It has stock 3.5 gears in it and as well has the stock open carrier and spider gears. Take it off my hands for free as it was just going to the scrap yard otherwise.
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    97+ XJs have 29 spline 8.25s

    These axles are marginally smaller than the D44 that is such a popular replacement. In my findings the major difference between the 8.25 under my 99 XJ and the D44s I found were the c-clips. On one of my hard drives I have exact numbers with the diference betwen the two...if I can find them I will post them, but I can say that after looking at the numbers I decided to save the money and build up my 8.25.

    These axles have been used for many years in hot rods (racers) and have held up to that abuse. If you look at some of the racing forums and hot rod forums you will see that folks have been using the 8.25 27 spline axle for a looong time with few problems...and those conditons are no better tan what we do, possibly worse.

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    I'd heard the same thing, that the older XJ's (didn't know it was 1996 and older) had a weaker model of the 8.25. Mine's a 1992, so I'm pretty sure I have the weaker 27 spline version. So I'm going to eventually go the route of replacing it with either a ford 8.8 or a D44 - probably the 8.8 as it's a bit easier to find.

    If you do find the specs on the newer 29 spline version of the 8.25 axle, do post it. Information on the 8.25 is hard to find on the net....

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    He's got the 27 spline, it held up to 37's for a while, but pooped out on him today.

    edit: you probably have the 35c in your 92 XJ.
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    Originally posted by CannonBall:;f=3;t=003507

    He's got the 27 spline, it held up to 37's for a while, but pooped out on him today.

    edit: you probably have the 35c in your 92 XJ.
    Yeah - I saw that post. I didn't know he was running 37's though! I'm only running 33's.

    Nope. I don't have the 35c in my 92 XJ. I've geared it, detroit locked it, and completely rebuilt the spring pads and shock mounts on it for the CV driveshaft pinion angles. And I've been running it for over 2 years. So I've been certain for quite some time that it's not the 35c. Just didn't know till recently that it was the 27 spline version...

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    Info I have came accross form my attempt to decide do I build my XJ 44 in the garage or work with my 29 spline 8.25" under the ol XJ?

    Axle DANA 44 97+ XJ Chrysler 8.25
    Axle shaft Diam. 1.31" 1.21"
    Splines 30 29
    Ring Gear Diam. 8.5" 8.25"
    Pinion Spline 27 27
    Pinion Diam. 1.35" 1.675"
    Axle Housing 2.875" 3"


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    Just in case the last post was scrabbled:

    Axle DANA 44
    Axle shaft Diam. 1.31"
    Splines 30
    Ring Gear Diam. 8.5"
    Pinion Spline 27
    Pinion Diam. 1.35"
    Axle Housing 2.875"

    Axle 97+ XJ Chrysler 8.25
    Axle shaft Diam. 1.21"
    Splines 29
    Ring Gear Diam. 8.25"
    Pinion Spline 27
    Pinion Diam. 1.675"
    Axle Housing 3"

    Also note no carrier break on the 8.25.


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    Thanks XJman1! I was nearly certain the 8.25 was damn near close to the strength of the D44 - with the exception of the D44 being a partial floating shaft setup VS the 8.25 being C clip.

    Seeing as I have the older 27 spline version, my detroit won't work in the newer 29 spline version. So, if I were to rid myself of my current 8.25 axle I'd be having to build a new one from the ground up. Kindof sucks - but oh well. I can probably get by wheeling on 33" tires with what I have, with the replacement axles, for quite a while. Should give me plenty of time to save up to build an 8.8.

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    I have the pictures of the 27 spline 8.25 online now. Just if anyone is interested...

    website here

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    They are pretty close and the pinion is actually significantly larger on the 8.25". Most problems I have heard of with the 44 are due to pinion failure? Other than being a C clip, .1" smaller shafts, I think the 8.25 holds its own. I have a 44 in the garage but do not want to void my warranty by swapping it in yet. Mainly going 44 to eliminate C clips and from what I hear the 8.25" is known for starting a to give off a loud growl.


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