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    Dana 60 Rear Spindle Removal

    How is it fastened to the axle tube, other than the weld around the flange? I have cut the weld around the flange and removed it. I had already cut the spindle right where the inner bearing sits (long story). Now I don't know how to remove the spindle from inside the axle tube.

    Are the flange and spindle separate pieces. Can someone explain how the factory mounts the spindles? Is it pressed in, fusion welded, or spot welded?

    What is the best way to remove the spindle without cutting the axle tube and losing width.


    Also, does someone sell Ford Dana 60 spindles that are 1.6 inside diam.?

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    Im not sure about the removing the spindle part, but most of the guys doing a 35 splin set up on a 60 are using 14 bolt spindles. The shafts form a 14ff are 1.55 od so the spindles have to be at least that 1.6 id your looking for.

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