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    Question Putting a small block V8 into a 1991 Toyota 4x4?

    My friend has a 1991 Toyota 4x4 with 33 inch tires and the basic 22RE/manual trans. We saw an 85 Toyota 4x4 with a 350 V8/Auto trans and 3.73 rear end, and now he wants to do this to his. So what all is involved, how hard is it, and how much is he looking at spending? Anyone make any kits to make this any easier? Thanks

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    I'm a Jeep guy, but i'm like 95% sure that it's a real easy swap- i'm pretty sure you can buy premade motor mounts, etc, and i think a lot of the drivetrain bolts up.
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    what shape is his 22re in?? is he going to sell it when doing this??

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    Red face Toyota V8

    we made three convertions, one with Chevy v8 (350), one with 4.3 chevy and one with Ford 5.0 from a mustang....the esiest was the chevy 4.3, then the ford and last the chevy v8, my friends spent from 900 to 1700 and that depends on how much fabrications we made...(1700 he bought all new and prefab) the one for 900 we build almost all brackets....we got the 4.3 for 450 complete blaser.....and the advance adapter to use the same this will give you an idea....I which I had my laptop....was full of pictures of conversions......but they stole from my car

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    Don't forget to factor in the cost of an sas with aftermarket axles. IFS + V8 = massive carnage. A rear toy 8" will be hard pressed to last long either no matter what gears are in it.

    But it all depends on how he drives it.
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    I would have to say that the 4.3 is the easiest and cheapest to swap. I have a v8 mini and it is fine, but my old 4.3 powered 91 was a tone easier adn swapped over lots quicker. I had pre fabbed mounts at first, but they sucked! I would recomen a tbi 4.3,700r4 and mini case, works really well.

    just my opinion...
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    Downey has a bunch of stuff to convert toy engines

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    V8 Conversion

    Lets see if I can shed some light on this topic. I converted my '85 toyota truck to a chevy V8 with auto tranny a few years back. I found the swap for a V8 in the toyota difficult but possible. It is tight by the fire wall and you need to consider letting that beast breath. The engine compartment will need to be vented to have the proper air flow around the exhaust and intake to prevent overheating. Mine is carbed but I would recommend FI if you have the dough. Advance Adapters has a brochure with the steps for the conversion and there are a few shops that have experiance with swaps. I have been running yota 8" axles locked and never had a bit a problems, and I do it all. The front axle will be the weak point with birs, but you can swap an axle that uses joints instead, if you go solid front. Running the IFS front assembly with that much motor might be interesting. Some people I know say it works, really depends on your foot. Consider researching the best altenatives for engines. If you plan to only go to 33 inch tires, I would say go 4.3L, but if you really want the power of a V8 then go for it. I love my truck and the power I have on and off highway. Just be prepared for fab work, its really fun and a great experiance to build a unique rig. If you have any questions, there are lots of us out here with yota's willing to add advise. Good luck.

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    He already has 35's on it and a 4.90 rear end.

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