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    Time to get this thread back on track

    I just got the cummins in my k30 running and driving ( not bad, considering all work was done over a 3 week winter vacation!)

    so with a few quick mods, I should be putting out 300/600 additional proof to follow, one lame vid for now.

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    Most guys/gals won't just stop in and get a 'dyno', needs to be a reason, it takes time, it cost $, make an appointment, subject your rig to 'abuse'.

    Some of the sports car clubs in town will have an organized 'Dyno Days' event. Find a guy that's willing to do a Sat/Sun work day and bring down 12 to 20 'rigs' and they'll do an all day dyno test. You hang out, brag, talk and discuss the results.

    I paid $35.00. You have to be able to endure someone else running your rig and taking it to the max rpm's. Sounds awesome, pulling against the chains, getting on it.

    The guy running the show. He gets a day of business plus all the guys/gals there wondering how they can get more out of their rig or why their rig ain't doing what it's suppose to do.....and he tell's them how 'he' can do it for you. You decide. It's good all around.

    Just my .02

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    The Colorado Powerstroke Clubs holds at least one a year and is generally open to all brands.

    Mobcore - that's a sweet truck (coming from a longtime chevy hater)

    God Forgives, Rock's Don't
    1973 Bronco, 351 SEFI, Locked, discs, 35's ZF-5spd and Atlas 4spd. 235:1 Crawl Ratio

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    Mobcore, did you ever live in Fort Collins. . . That truck used to live right across the street from me.
    '99 TJ 4.0L - jack stand crawler

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve View Post
    Don't know if there's a dyno over here or not, have to look. It would be interesting to compare your numbers to mine.
    Yes i have heard that there is a guy in town that has one, i know that once I get my truck done.

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    i will be going to see him

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    took my truck to get it dyno'd yesterday. It put down 497 hp and 1050 tq
    87yj No drivetrain 235's 2" BL HP D60
    99 Dodge 2500 CTD with a lot of go fast goodies
    69 Camaro, 03 Kaw. Ninja ZX-6R

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kebo View Post
    Mobcore, did you ever live in Fort Collins. . . That truck used to live right across the street from me.
    Yes sir, I just transferred out here to finish my degree.

    Thanks for the complement buckin bronc, I've owned em all Ford, dodge (albeit briefly), and chevy diesels and must say the cummins in the K truck is the shiznit!

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    i got my dyno'd about a week ago

    551 horse, 808 torque

    2005 cummins, edge juice with attitude, b&s intake, GDP-392 pump, south-bend clutch, 35x12.50 micky t's, and 4:10s
    - Professional web wheeler

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    Short background: grew up in Colorado, currently in Seattle WA, moving back next year to retire, can't wait!!! Currently have Dodge 3500, current supervisor at work is NDHRA champ. Put my truck on his box and upped the chip slightly, numbers came in at 460/805 on his dyno.
    Mods include, Banks Ram air, 4 inch exhaust, chipped.

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    Well I put my 01 back on a dyno on Sat and put down 590hp/995tq. Torque was about 200-300 low IMO but we'll do some more tweaking . Horse power isn't too bad though. EGT's are insane if I hook it to a trailer
    01 D-Max/6spd,33"Cooper STT's,EFI Live,SBC triple disc,not stock.
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    06 K4500 D-Max/Allison EFI Crew Cab Monroe 4x4 loaded!
    86 M1008 6.2/th400/208 on 35"s

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    dyno'd my truck yesterday and did 639hp and 1290tq

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    Quote Originally Posted by hightimes2 View Post
    dyno'd my truck yesterday and did 639hp and 1290tq
    You Bastard!

    Knew you truck was fast, but you were obviously sandbagging / toying with me

    Your truck rocks.....

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    Has anyone else seen this test by diesel on the towing comparrisons of the 2011 Fords and GM's. Pretty good comparriosn Read.

    I just switched to the Denali HD with Duramax from my 6.2L Gasser Denali pick-up and I am pleasantly surprised by the diesel fuel mileage I am getting out of it. First highway trip to Canyon City Prison and Back yielded 20.6 MPG. Around Town only is around 15.5. Mixed use with highway, traffic, and city is sitting at 17.5 today. Another good thing on the 2011 short box is the substancially larger fuel tank with over 500 miles per mixed use tank a reality. Haven't towed anything yet but excited to used the exhaust brake.

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    When the shop is done with my 05 6.0 they are guessing around 500hp and 950lbs. EGR delete
    After market oil cooler, head work+ studs, sct x3 tuner, cts gauges, straight 4" and a few other things. Should be a hell if a runner!
    97 xj Clayton Long arm kit with triangulated rear four link,Currie 44hp 44 rear locked by ARB,stak 3 speed box
    2012 F150 Eco Boost Bully Dog Tuner,Flow Master Exhaust, and Ride rite bags carring the load n the rear.

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