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    Custom Challenge Coins

    My brother has been wanting to get some challenge coins made up for the school he works at. He has worked there as a teacher since they opened the high school back in 2002. It is a small, private, religious school that doesn't pay it's teachers the best and he works incredibly hard, year round, for his students. So as a birthday gift and a small gesture to show him that someone appreciates all his hard work, I decided to get a few coins completed for him. Since he first came up with this idea, we have worked on a design for them. And just recently, I was able to get it where I think he will be happy with it. Then produced 3 coins in different materials. One in brass, one copper, and one out of stainless. The laser engraving came out fairly well on all three. But the contrasting is definitely better on some then others.

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    Those are cool and for a good cause! Teachers in general don't get paid enough IMO, especially as parents don't seem to put any value in discipline, and therefore children as a whole are disrespectful and self-centered. Even those in religious schools.

    Sorry - probably not looking for anyone to jump on a soapbox...

    I'd love to see the process by which you made these. CNC?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 74BuckinBronc View Post
    I'd love to see the process by which you made these. CNC?
    CNC laser etching/engraving

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    very cool
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