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Thread: Moody Hill 10-10-21

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    Moody Hill 10-10-21

    My club, Larimer County Four Wheel Drive Club, finally got the opportunity to check one of our adopted roads, Moody Hill, that has been closed since last year due to the Cameron Peak Fire.

    Overall the road itself is in very good condition, there are a few spots that are washed out a little more than normal. The vegetation is coming back better than expected, lots of grass and Aspens.

    We cleared about a dozen trees from the road, two that needed to be winched. There are a few water bars that will need attention but nothing major. Although the road remains closed at this time, we will continue to work with the Forest Service to get our adopted roads open as soon as possible.

    More pictures at

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    Thanks for your work! Looks spooky seeing those burned trees. Looks like a lot of chain saw work in a few years if the wind catches them just right.
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