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    Side entrance fence and gate for newly renovated property

    Howdy all! Been another crazy busy year for the business. Having more work than I can sanely handle seems to be what I enjoy. But being busy means there isn't much time to highlight any of the fun projects I have been able to be a part of. So I figured I would try to take the time to document one of the smaller projects I am currently working on. I can always count on at least a few of my mountain scene gates being ordered each year. Here is an example of one at my property:

    Well this year has seen more of them ordered than ever before. Each one is unique and usually only the gate features a mountain scene. But this client also wanted a mountain scene made for the small fence panel that they needed in addition to the gate. They also required an area on the side of the fence to be a wire grid so their dogs could easily see out. The other necessities included greaseable hinges and a keyless lock set. Got started by digging past frost depth to set the main posts into concrete. The design I came up with called for 4 total posts. But the area between the sidewalk and the existing fence, had a french drain system buried next to the sidewalk so only 3 posts were able to be set into concrete. In order to get a 4th post, I welded a cross bar in between the post and the sidewalk and then anchored that cross bar to the concrete. The built up off the cross bar to create the 4th post and tied the tops of the two posts together. Then tied them into the existing fence.

    3 posts set up waiting for concrete to cure:

    Cross bar anchored to concrete:

    2 posts tied into each other, the concrete, and the existing fence. This small section created will get the wire grid for the puppy viewing area:

    Then put the top rail onto the other 2 posts for the new fence section:

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    Cut some brackets for the wood cross members:

    Welded them into position:

    Then got started on a box for the lock set. Couldn't find an off the shelf option for a box as most are only made for keyed lock sets and/or only made for 1.5" wide gates/doors. Here is an example of an off the shelf box:

    I fabbed up a new box that was only 1.5" wide to accommodate the lock set internals, then outlined the box with 3" flat stock to create the new box.

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    Started fabrication the gate frame, you will notice to extra sections of tubing tacked into the top part of the frame. This was only to aid in assembly.

    The cut an area out for the lock set box and welded that into position:

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    Cut out the supports from the top of the gate frame and created the mountain scene using 3" flat stock and my shop built finger brake press. Then welded the brackets for the wood cross members into position:

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    Cut to length, drilled, and counter bored the wood cross members and installed them:

    Then cut the pickets to legth and screwed them into position:

    Fabricated the mountain scene for the fence section next:

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    We stock 2 main style of gate hinges, greaseable barrel style:

    Or standard non greaseable

    Both work well and can handle WAY more weight than the gate will ever see. In this case, the clients' chose to go with the greaseable hinges.

    Also got the mechanical, keyless lock set in.

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    Hung the gate:

    Welded the mountain scene into the fence panel:

    Then hung the wood panel onto the gate:

    Hung the wood cross members for the fence section and then added pickets to it. Table saw quit on me so i have a board left to put up once trimmed to fit:

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    Using a standard door lock set requires the gate and the catch be fairly close and there is limited vertical travel allowed in order to keep the lock set and catch properly aligned. This means any sag out of the gate could become problematic. To solve this before it could become an issue, we fabricated a rest for the bottom of the gate. The rest will always keep the lock set and the catch aligned. Also incorporated a slight ramp leading up to the rest, to help guide the would be sagging gate into the correct position. The top of the rest and ramp was drilled and tapped and then is topped with HPDE for a smooth, non marring, sliding surface that is secured with countersunk hardware. Then welded it into position on the cross member below the gate.

    Also fabricated the custom wire grid for the puppy viewing area and welded it into place

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    Added a stop the the front side of the gate. This also protects the lock from easily being messed with. And another was added to the back of the gate side.

    Fabricated a catch and welded it into position

    And installed the lock set into the gate

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    Added the missing lumber to the fence section.

    For another anti sag measure, the fence panel was tied into the house for addition support.

    And the last detail to be added was a rubberized stop. A modified off the self stop was used. Here is how the stop arrived:

    The rubber is a replaceable wear item

    The head was removed and the only part used. Welded it into position between the fence panel and the gate. This will keep the gate from ever swinging into the house or gutter

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    Besides getting coated, which the painters are coming out soon, this project is wrapped up. Although was asked about adding another post and more wire grid in line with the gate to act as a lattice of future plants. So there may be yet another phase to this project in the near future.

    Street view:

    Front views:

    Side views:

    With opened gate:

    From the rear:

    Thanks for checking out this fun project! Will try to stop back by after it is coated for some "finished" photos.

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    Great work as usual!
    '96 Grand Cherokee with stuff done to it.

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