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Thread: Beginner skiing

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    Beginner skiing

    I have a co-worker from Houston that is planning either a ski vacation or a beach vacation for her daughter's spring break in March. She has skied years ago, but her husband and daughter haven't. Daughter has never really seen snow as it doesn't snow much in Houston.

    She's like a few ideas on places to go that offer a "beginner" type experience. She doesn't want to go as far as Steamboat or Aspen/Vail, so that pretty much leaves the Front Range or Breck. Since I haven't clipped on skis in at least 20 years and never out here, I'm no help. Wondering if any of the CO4x4 folks might be able to point me to a few places to suggest to her. They're planning 5 days, so if there's other "stuff" to do that would help.

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    *This year is different obviously, so what I say may not be up to date.*

    First, spend the money on a lesson, at least one. The best ski school we put our kids in was at Breck. We don't go anywhere near Breck anymore, it is jammed! No fun getting in and out. Maybe if they are staying there they would enjoy it, but as we come from Dillon, Breck has been awful.

    I think the best beginner skiing is at Copper. We have had season passes there for 3 years now and we love it. You need to make parking reservations in advance, I don't know how they handle people just planning to go now if you are not staying nearby. Ski school there was ok, I think you need to do private lessons though which is pricy (Covid thing).

    Keystone is fine, I like the other places better. ABasin is not for beginners, I don't think Loveland is either. I have seen the bunny hill off to the side which might be great, however, the rest of the mountain has old style lifts that are difficult for beginners to navigate. I don't know about Winter Park or Eldora. My guess is Eldora doesn't have great snow this year although I have heard it is a good mountain.
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    I havent been in Colo in years, but when I lived there I liked Eldora.
    small, no passes to drive over and somewhat a hidden gem. this could have changed in the intervening years.
    and in some cases closer than other bigger resorts
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    Thanks, guys. I gave her some info on Breck, Copper and Eldora, and told her some stuff that flatlanders don't always consider when coming to the mountains like drink lots of water, plan a day to acclimate, bring Advil because you'll likely get a headache anyway, stuff like that. She decided to go to the beach. The temperature extreme and the amount of stuff that they thought they'd need to buy--heavier jackets and stuff like that--turned the tide to a warmer locale.

    Thanks for the help though!

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    The snow this year is pretty sparce, it might be a better year to head to the beach.

    What about silver creek? Close to the front range but nobody knows it's there.
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