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    Personalizing a new, inexpensive 7000# bumper pull car hauler trailer

    We recently were asked to make some modifications to a clients brand new trailer. The trailer in question is a basic, inexpensive, 7000 pound capacity, bumper pull car hauler. Shown here:

    The desired modifications include adding a little structure in order to make it a tad more sturdy, a standard 2" receiver hitch, good amount of lockable storage, and a receiver mounted winch with both wired and wireless controls. These modifications along with the client's drop in anchor points and Mac brand straps, should make for a decent towing platform for years to come.

    To start, we will need to add a little structure to the tongue of the trailer. Here is what we started with:

    Cut a piece of angle iron to serve as a lower cross member to tie the frame sides together while tying into the deck structure as well. It is notched to fit inside of the frame rails and to allow the wiring to still pass along the driver side frame rail.

    And tack welded it into position:

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    The front top rail was then cut to accept a standard 2" receiver hitch:

    And a piece of tubing was cut to fit between the new cross member and the bottom of the hitch. A 1/4" plate was welded inside of the tubing, along the top and bottom as well as plug welded in a few spots, to provide some extra support as well as so it could be drilled and tapped at a later time for the future storage box mounting.

    Then welded the pieces into position:

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    Next up is adding some gussets to the sides of the top rail, as well as welding out the tops of the angle iron that attaches to the top rail. This wasn't done from the factory.


    Sides of the top rail prepped:

    Welding gussets into place:

    Welded the tops of the angle to the top rail:

    Completed gusseted and welded top rail:

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    Mounting for the aluminum lockable storage box welded into position and drilled and tapped:

    Mounted the aluminum box to the front of the trailer using some mounting plates and bolting it to the trailer:

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    Our client want to be able to store the multi-mount winch within the lockable box. It will easily fit, but could slide around within the box. That much weight constantly shifting, and banging into the thinner aluminum walls, will eventually damage the box without reinforcement. So it will get some to the lower 1/3 of the box.

    We start by cutting some small c channel and using our custom shop built punch press to put some speed holes through it.

    And started assembling the pieces together by welding:

    And installed the assembly onto the trailer:

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    Painted with box installed:

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    With the structural work completed, we start on the multi-mount winch setup. The client opted for a NOS Smittybilt XRC8 winch after seeing our setup that has been abused for the past 7 years and yet id working well still. They also opted for an off the shelf multi-mount. And an inexpensive wireless remote setup for it as well. and a nice wiring quick connect setup for the truck.

    The NOS winch:



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    New setup verses our 7 year old setup:

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    Mounted to the trailer:

    Stored away in the lockable aluminum box:

    Finished product:

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    Looks good as always, Aaron!
    2006 WK 5.7 Hemi

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    Nice. You should do that for a living.

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