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    Hitch mounted tray Bike racks, 4-bike

    Wanted to see what you recommend for a 4-bike rack, Here is my ever-evolving criteria:

    1. Must carry 4-bikes (2 kids bike and 2 adult. No Fat tire at this point)
    2. Tray/platform style
    3. No paint contact
    4. Hitch mounted

    I want a rack that I can transfer from my truck to our travel trailer, and I see some are RV rated. I am trying to figure this out as well. Either the cheap bolt-on 2" receiver that fastens to the 4x4 at the back of the travel trailer or this...which limits me to 100lbs total. I am not sure I can even keep it all under 100lbs. Not opposed to building something to support the extra weight un conjunction with this device.

    So far the Saris SuperClamp EX4 fits the bill:

    They are currently out of stock, but I have time.

    Anything else I should consider. Internet searched simply become overwhelming...
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    There's no way you'll be under 100lbs with 4 bikes. Four 15lb TDF bikes would leave only 40lbs for the rack. Most likely you'll have 27-40lb bikes, so you'll probably have 170lbs, at least, when all of them are on there.


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    Agreed. If I went the Swagman route, I would have to build my own support to add a third and maybe a fourth leg to the bike rack to support the weight.

    I am pursuing another option, but details and sketchy at this point. Their website crashed and they haven't had a chance to rebuild it (or so they say), but from research it's a quality product. The other hurdle is they are made in Canada.

    It's a company called Arvika:

    There is a youtube video of a guy with a superduty like mine who has this setup. Says he made a couple mods, one being that he raised the rack up to be able to allow the propane tank cover to be removed with the rack in place. The other benefit of that is the rack then clears the tailgate in a jack-knife situation.

    Just comes down to price... Looks like they may end up being about the same so since I don't really have a shop setup, Arvika may get the nod so I don't have to build anything.

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    I have a 4 bike Swagman, heavy as all get out...
    I use an extension when on the Jeep, since the spare tire gets in the way
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    I have this one with a 2-bike add-on. Easy to use. I believe both Yakima and Thule have a similar design now.
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    I did run across that one and called the co. I think I found where the 4-bike version isn't RV rated with the bouncing and all. Again, I could make a support bracket, but the Saris is $177 cheaper if I am going that route. I do like the design tho. It's still on my short list.

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