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    AAM 10.5" to11.5" swap

    Hey folks, been a while... *waves from Florida*

    I'm needing some info from the collective

    I've got a 2005 Dodge 2500 2wd and it has a SWR 10.5 AAM rear axle. The ring gear is going bad so I want to upgrade GVRW and lower the gear ratio while I'm at it... Is a 11.5 a direct bolt in? As far as I can tell with info online, it looks like the 2wd axles will swap right in. However, the 4x4 versions are more plentiful, and being such, are closer to me and a little cheaper, but I wonder if they are a direct bolt in as well?

    Does anyone here know?

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    No firsthand knowledge.

    BUT...measure the spring perches and pinion yoke and the rest, brake lines and e-brake cables, should work.
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    Are you sure you have a 10.5? I thought all 3rd gen dodges had the 11.5 except the 03-04’ SO with the automatic trans. I could be wrong, I don’t know much about 2wd.
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