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    1985 Toyota Pickup steering revamp

    Since the little blue shop truck is going to get to actually see some trail time soon, figured it should get a little maintenance. First up, steering revamp to clean up the problematic hydraulic assist. Machined a custom double sided steering arm since couldn't find anyone who produces them anymore, to move the ram behind the axle to free up some room. Then did a "5th stud" mod to make sure the new arm won't be removing itself. Coming out decently.

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    Decided to make the ram mount on the arm double shear. Then painted it blue and installed it.

    Then modified the passenger high steer arm for the 5th stud, painted it, and installed it.

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    The steering was then reassembled and given a tape measure alignment

    It was then taken out for a test run. Unfortunately, these are the only "action" shots that where taken.

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