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    Rock Bouncers in MO

    Thought I'd share my first experience with Rock Bouncers first hand. This was at Moonlight Off road racing park. There was to be about 12 full size and 2 or 3 UTV's.

    First, my son and I showed up 2 hrs before the event was to start (9am) and waited for over two hours to get into the park due to everyone else having the same idea. Then parking was a nightmare being a free-for-all. But we got parked, unloaded the bronco and made our way to the trail and found a couple friends. Good news was that the event was delayed due to traffic issues. We found we couldn't see from that location, so we switched sides to find that only slightly better. So we decided to check out the rigs that had not yet gone. Spoke to a few drivers and drooled over all the cool parts. Finally, we walked down to the bottom of the hill near the starting line and found a place where my son could see fairly well.

    The course was quite lame, if I am honest. The average guy probably drove 2hrs to attend this event, dealt with third-world parking, and crazy crowds only to see the racers drive up one obstacle.

    But it was still a neat experience and fun to watch the big names with race engines do their thing. Just wish the course was much longer as it sounds like it has been in previous years.

    Here are my pictures and videos.

    Then, on the way out parking had gotten worse and I scratched the bumper of my truck trying to maneuver the trailer around all the parked rigs and trailers. First scratch is always the hardest!
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    Id like to head east and see bouncers in person!

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    Well, go further east to find better hills and bigger events.

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