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    trails to do CO springs area

    I was going to take a buddy up Dakan Road/Rampart but looks like the trail closes Dec 1st. He's flying out for the weekend.
    Any others that anyone recommends not too far away that might still be open?

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    There is Mount herman road. There are a few trails once you get to rampart road from mount herman. "They" have not closed that road in the past but they may now.
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    Gold camp road is always an option. You can take it all the way back Cripple Creek or Victor for the easier stuff (watch for icy snow packed roads). Or you can access trails like Eagle Rock or Saran Wrap if you are more adventurous. But take a buddy with you on those trails. No idea what the snow levels are, but it can get deep up there. Mt. Baldy is another easier trail, but again, the snow could be a factor. - zoom into the area of interest.
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