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    Cheap, easy, and quick DIY way to organize your toolbox and work space

    In our never ending quest to optimize the shop's organization and storage solutions, we found ourselves in need of some more drawer dividers. Instead of spending more money and waiting on shipping times, we opted to build our own. We modified cheap 1/8" thick flat stock using a chop saw with an 1/8" thick blade to achieve our new desired drawer dividers.

    We will let the photos do the explaining:

    ***In no way do we advocate the storage of cutting tooling in this manner as it could damage the cutting surfaces***

    Quick, cheap, stout, and DIY, does it get any better?
    Brucker Brothers, LTD
    Precision Metalwork-Stout Fabrication-Elegant Design
    Broomfield, CO 720-235-9485

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    Very nice! How much shipped to 80138?

    Or is factory pick up available?

    Don't tell me violence doesn't solve anything.

    Look at Carthage.

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