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    Custom hitch mounted vice

    Disappointed with the off the shelf options, we opted to design and fabricate our own hitch mounted vice setup. This allowed us to design it in a way that it could also be used with our custom heavy duty adjustable height work stands as well. And let us design around materials we had on hand. Some even from the scrap bin.

    We started by cutting and deburring all the needed materials and completed the necessary layouts. All materials are 1/4" thick and normally used in HD hitch applications. No cheap thin walled materials in this build!

    Then we drilled out all the required holes and chambered them. Then tapped all the holes that needed it.

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    Welded all the different assemblies together.

    Once they cooled enough to handle, there were assembled:

    You will notice the set screw I installed into the corner to kept things from rattling/moving.

    Then drilled a couple more holes in the main bar. The final product features 3 different mounting positions as far of distance it is able to stick out from the hitch. Tight against the truck for easy transport. Far enough out to clear any tailgate. And a position in between that works well off the back of our trailer. It also features an adjustable height in 2" increments. All while being sturdy enough to handle all the abuse we will throw at it. And it also works with our works stands for the times when the truck isn't close!

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    Added the Wilton vice:

    Installed it in the back of our one of our work trucks:

    As advertised, it fits well with our custom HD work stands too:

    Overall, we are extremely pleased with the results. A couple hours labor and some materials salvaged for the scrap bin, turned into money making equipment. Does it get any better?

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    Nicely done dude
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    You make even a hitch mount for a vice look like art. Nice work!
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    Did you do anything to stabilize the tube in the receiver?
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    Nicely done dude
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    You make even a hitch mount for a vice look like art. Nice work!
    Thank you for the kind words

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    Did you do anything to stabilize the tube in the receiver?
    The green Dodge has the same set screw setup in it's hitch. This was done years ago in order to run a manual JD2 model 3 in a hitch mounted setup. Kept it from rocking back and forth between pulls. It is a great setup when doing custom handrails on a job site.

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