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    Anyone involved in the snow rescues??

    There were two years in the early 2000's that Denver got dumped on and I LOVED going out and bashing thru the snow and helping people along the way. Anyone here get to go have some fun? Any pics?
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    Not enough snow regardless of all the hype. Oh the good old days when we had real storms. I was just talking about that yesterday. Seems like the last real storm was about 2006. We had around 36" were I lived in Aurora. Tthat was some fun.
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    I wound up with drifts well over 10' high in my yard. The last recorded straight wind from my weather station was 81 mph. It's Saturday and the plows still have not gotten to my road that has 5' and 6' high drifts across it. I was able to get the tractor out yesterday and get my vehicles out so I can get to the road but it still does no good.
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    Less than a mile from my house someone died from exposure. Still no idea why they would have gone out of their house but there was no power out here. Visibility was under 2' and they found the guy in a pasture and a woman that had hypothermia.

    This storm may not have been all that big in many places but it is one of the worst I have seen living out here.

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    Ya, apparently I stand corrected for places anywhere east of town. I talked to a guy from work who lives in Elizabeth, he talked of 4 to 8 ft drifts that you couldn't get through, and stranded people on the road there.

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    The bad storms I remember were earlier than 2006. We were living at Lowry at the time, so I am thinking 2003-ish. Seems there was another a year later!

    Wind can wreak havoc when combined with snow! Glad you have the means to dig out and stay safe!

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    In Colorado Springs was not too bad. Start moving east and it was ridiculous. I have a section of fence that is 4 feet tall and 70 yards long and it is buried. We had over 5ft tall drifts out here.
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