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    Compressed air plumbing

    Got some more of the little things around the nee shop space finally completed! No more working around air line strewn across the shop floor. Finally put together the compressed air line plumbing along the walls and ceiling.

    After using pex tubing to expand the air system in our old shop, we fell in love with it's ease of use and how safe and sturdy it was. So after pricing out putting together a complete system, we realized that not only would it be cheaper, but buying a pre made kit would offer things that normal off the shelf pex wouldn't. Like machined manifolds and quick, easy drain components. So we purchased a couple kits, and a few extra fittings from Rapid Air Products

    After installation we couldn't be more impressed. Quick and simple to design, layout, and install using their quality components. Would recommend their systems for both the diy (home) users and professional (shop) settings.

    Here are a couple photos from this past weekends' install:

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    I have a RapidAir kit in my shop as well. Everything you said is spot on. Super easy to design and install. Mine's been in place 4 years or so I think? Very happy with it.

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    So jealous!! day!
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