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    Insurance totaled out his truck. They offered him $15K or $11600 and he can keep the truck, which is the estimate to fix it. He's keeping the truck.

    Also, 130,000 miles on it. Said there was no frame damage, so I think he's GTG w/ taking the lower amount and keeping the truck. $15K wouldn't put a dent in the down payment on a new F250 crew cab/diesel.

    yeah, it is absolutely insane what the new trucks go for; It makes sense to keep the truck, even more so if he likes it.
    break, fix, repeat

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    That's the problem many of us have when we take meticulous care of our stuff, it's only worth anything to us and a book can only have a narrow view.

    When we traded in Tammy's 2003 Grand Cherokee, multiple sales people came out of the dealer to check it out because they rarely see something that old, with over 200k miles in that kind of clean condition (the engine compartment was cleaner than the 20k mile 2016 MKX's we bought (which I have since cleaned)).

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