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    Quote Originally Posted by Wulf View Post
    unless I really fawk up I should be able to maintain my truck for much less than that
    That's assuming those trucks don't need anything either.
    95 ZJ, Lift, dents, and noise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K2 View Post
    That's assuming those trucks don't need anything either.
    that's a good point too. At that age ball joints, TREs, shocks, DPF, injectors...
    break, fix, repeat

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    Haven't updated in a while but Rotella T6 + Archoil has cleared up all of the stiction I was seeing on cold starts. Truck is running great and I've been using it to run to work in Boulder several times a week with no issues...of course I'm still loading up the parts cannon, I have shocks, u joints, rear carrier bearing, rear pinion seal, a new tailgate, a fuel gauge to install.

    With the Looney Wild tune from Quick Tricks the truck really woke up and moves great and is seeing better MPG on the commute
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    "Blow and Hookers can change the World. - Gags
    Quote Originally Posted by scottycards View Post
    MJ has no lethal dose. You might crawl under your couch and eat M&M's all day if you get too high, but it ain't gonna kill you.

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    Got my "new" tailgate on. Hoped I could get a better finish with plain old "aluminum" Rust-Oleum but with 7 coats, lots of wet sanding with 800,1500,2000 grit I still ended up with some streaks, even after cutting and polishing. It doesn't look so great but it is way better than denty. I'm going to cover it in some vinyl graphics to hide the paint if I can manage to get around to it.

    (Forgive the parking job, my friend parked it like that after borrowing it to move :bananadead

    The bed had been repaired after a previous accident but those welds broke when the trailer hit. The gate would shut because the pass side quarter of the bed was pulled out about an inch.

    Til I can reinforce and reweld it I pulled the bedsides in with ratchet straps. Gate closed nicely and the gap isn't perfect but it's way less hideous.

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