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Thread: Black Ops 4

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    Black Ops 4

    Anyone else disappointed (and even caught off gaurd) that there isn't a campaign? Didn't realize you needed to ask "is there a campaign?" before you buy a call of duty game these days.
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    I saw that there wasn't a campaign and it immediately became a no-go. Red Dead Redemption 2's campaign has been pretty damn good so far though.

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    Yuuup. This is the first time i bought a game ASSUMING it had a basic feature. Funny you mention Red Dead Redemption. A buddy of mine said the exact same thing and i looked up a game store to go get a copy of the original Red Dead Redemption right before coming over here. Haven't heard a single bad thing about those games.

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    Same for me, no campaign no go for me. Eyeing up RDR2 and the new Assassins Creed, I like the more open world style platform these days.
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    Picked up the original RDR and liking it so far

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