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    Crested Butte area trail status??

    Looking to go up to the Crested Butte area midweek for a few days of camping and running the trails around the area. Specifically hoping to do Pearl pass up toward Aspen and then do a loop coming back down through Italian Creek. Also looking to do another loop going up Schofield pass toward Marble and the looping back Keebler Pass.

    Anybody been up that way recently of have any intel on trail/snow status?

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    A few people have gotten through Pearl but there is a drift that puts you way off camber. I believe Scholfield is open.
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    Schofield Pass White River/Sophris District 970-963-2266 Partially Open 7/3/18
    7/3/17 - Open Via Paradise Basin (734). Snow Blocks pass via Gothic (317) road. According to Forest Service Devils punchbowl has a large rock that needs to be removed, allowing motorcycles only currently. Have FUN!
    7/3/18 - Was able to cross easily over the snow drift between Gothic and Schofield. It was well compacted and hard. I would be a problem if it softens up. the road was labeled as closed when we got down near Gothic, but there were no signs coming down the pass from Paradise. it is closed to passenger cars, but most trucks with good tires could cross the drift today. If you are traveling up from Gothic, there may be a sign saying the road is closed, but the snow drift can ba driven over in a jeep. We drove a 2016 Rubicon with 36 inch tires.
    6/15/18 - Trail is not open. Rock fall on Schofield between Crystal and Gothic. Snow still over road between Paradise Divide and Gothic. Last week a motorcycle user reported a large rock fall on the worst part of the shelf road. Based on the picture not sure how long it will take to clear once snow is gone. From the Paradise divide trail there is still a snow drift preventing connecting with Schofield. A cherokee tried to skirt around it and the side gave out so they had to get towed back up. We had heavy rain on 6/17 but it still probably needs another week or so to get to Schofield/Gothic from Paradise side. However Paradise is open all the way to the top.
    4/30/18 - Mountain biked from Marble to the Crystal Mill. Clear all the way save for a 100 yard snow drift half a mile from the Mill that is covering the road, but well compacted and passable. Vehicles have made it through. Not sure how much farther it is open.

    Pearl Pass Gunnison/Gunnison 970-641-0471 Partially Open 7/2/18
    7/2/18 - Snow blockage on north side of pass according to Gunnison National Forest Service. Didn't make it to snow block, but I will bet snow will melt in next 2-3 weeks. Call in advance or check back to this site for further updated.
    7/1/18 - Pearl Pass is now open. A short stretch of snow remains on the road in the upper boulder field, but should be free of snow in two more weeks.
    7/1/18 - Trail is open from the Crested Butte side towards Aspen as it is easier to cross the snow field on Aspen side going down hill. It will be a few weeks more before the snow field is passible going up hill on the Aspen side. The snow field is about 100 feet long and approximately 2 to 3 feet deep or more. Very soft snow during the mid day. Easy to get stuck.
    6/23/18 - Closed it is snow blocked 15.3 miles up the trail from Crested Butte. Another Jeep used a drone to fly over it and there are two drifts blocking the trail.
    3/18/18 - It's still winter here, but looking forward to another spring and summer season digging to the summit from the Aspen side.
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    Thanks for the replies, look like it a go!

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