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    Frame rust remediation?

    I bought an 07 Dodge Ram 2500 from South Dakota that has more rust on the frame than I originally thought. Of course, the proper fix would be to pull the cab and bed and blast the frame, but what about a less than full restore option?
    Thinking about calling a dustless blaster guy to see if they can do an ok job blasting the undercarriage without pulling cab and box.
    Anyone done this?
    What about coating or repainting the frame after? Product recommendations?

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    I have done this to a couple Toyota frames. They weren't rusted through anywhere, but needed some serious attention. I ended up using a cheap hopper based blaster and ate the cost of beads as I wouldn't reuse them. I set up a portable fabric garage and went to town after taking everything I could easily take off. Then I used a mixture of rust converter/reformer spray and then an encapsulator spray. I used a couple different manufacturers and found I really liked the stuff from Eastwood. The frames I did still look awesome and they haven't had any problems since. Was labor intensive but worth it for a vehicle you plan on keeping around for a while. I now use the Eastwood products on most of the frame coating work I do.

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    The products from Eastwood have had a good reputation for years, but it's always nice to hear them recommended by someone who is known to be picky about their work.

    My 1977 Dodge may need this as well...I'm dreading the examination later this summer.
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