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    Adding a little armor to a low mileage 84 Toyota P/U

    Had a client who was pining after a custom front bumper we have had here on a first gen 4Runner in the shop for some time. Here is the bumper in question:

    We decided to sell it to him and go in a different direction with the 4Runner. And to go along with the custom front bumper, he asked that we build a custom set of sliders and install a Trail Gear rear bumper.

    Here is the beautiful, low mileage (just over 100K miles) '84 Toyota that he brought in to us:

    We quickly stripped the original equipment off of it.

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    We started first on the sliders. Our client wanted not only protection but also a useful step when accessing the bed of the truck. Here is what we came up with:

    Started by cutting and capping some 2x3 tubing, and then bending up some 1.75" DOM:

    Then welded up the pieces:

    Designed, cut, and dimpled a plate for the foot step. The dimples add a little, much needed traction. And welded them into place:

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    The sliders were then test fitted to the truck:

    They then got coated in primer and paint. They will be welded on shortly.

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    Before we could install the sliders, we needed to make some frame plates and gussets, and get the plates welded to the frame:

    Then welded the sliders into place:

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    Next up was the front frame support. I will let the photos do most of the explaining:

    The front bumper build was highlighted in an earlier thread so I am inclined not to rehash that. But if you would like to check out the extensive build thread, click the following link:

    We coated the bumper and the frame and then installed it onto the truck. We also added a Warn X8000i and a set of flush mounted LED lights to the bumper.

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    Painted the rear Trail Gear bumper:

    Installed the rear bumper and then wired the lights and winch, and swapped the side markers for blinkers. Then took it outside for a few photos of the finished product.

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    Very nice! Ever thought about doing something similar for a 3rd Gen Taco (2018)?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kemosabee View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Willie G View Post
    Very nice! Ever thought about doing something similar for a 3rd Gen Taco (2018)?
    Thank you for the kinds words!

    We have not had the opportunity to build a custom set of armor for a 2018 Taco yet. We'd be happy to! Just give Aaron a ring or email at the shop to set something up!

    We are a custom fab shop that does not discriminate against brands, models, age, etc. It doesn't even need to be a vehicle! Anything metal related and we are game! Check out our FB page ( ) or our website ( ) to see some other examples of our work!

    And just an FYI, we offer an outstanding discount to blue star members of this forum! Check out the details here:!
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    that is one clean truck!
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