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    Ingersoll rand parts/equipment salvage/maybe gas tank tech

    I have a trailer mounted portable compressor made by IR. Its a big sumbitch...100 PSI at 160 CFM

    I store it in my shop and 2 days ago I see a leak. An hour of investigating has revealed the bottom of the diesel tank has rusted through in multiple locations. I spoke to the parts house and a new tank is 4-6 weeks out and $1300. I can probably make a whole new tank in a day at the shop, or just weld in a new bottom with a little effort.

    Is there an equipment salvage yard anywhere? There isn't anything special about this tank. It has a filler neck, a drain, a pickup, and a return fitting. Anything similar dimensions would be fine with me.

    If I decide to repair it, should I expect to find the entire inside rotten? or just the bottom where water must have gotten in sometime in its life?

    My plan is to flush it with water/soap, then purge it with exhaust from the pickup so I can cut it open. Anyone see any problems with this?

    I'll probably cut it open in the next day or two, just trying to do a little recon in advance, and maybe whine about my new problem.

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    Search someplace like Northern Tool for replacement gas tank. They sell tanks for gas powered equipment for cheap. Not sure if they're anywhere near large enough, but it's a start, and a course of action I'd likely be taking. How big is the tank?
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    Purge it with dry ice.
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    ill buy the whole rig from ya for 500
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    You only got it cause the BMW has a trailer hitch.....

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    I think I'll cut it open and see how bad it is in the next week. I don't use it every day but when I need it, I need it.

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    make sure you seal the cap before you take the cutting torch, to keep oxygen from getting in.
    And take video.
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    You said diesel, which is far less volatile than gasoline, but...I'd think you'd be better served with a new tank and spend the time retrofitting it to the system. Perhaps crack that drain open from time to time to drain any water from now on.

    Take a picture of the tank. That could help folks know where you might find one.
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