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    Moab Trailer Parking

    We are going to Moab in September and will have a truck and trail Chevy 2500 Long Box and a 40' gooseneck trailer. Does anyone know how long you can park at the lot just off the highway by Gemni bridges? We noticed alot of trucks/trailers there last spring that appeared to be there all week.

    Also does anyone know the cost?



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    Ive never seen a pay box there...

    you could all ways park at Area BFE on the south side of town and toss in a few bucks for help on the trails and help keep it open!
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    I've parked in that dirt lot to gemini / metal masher, and also camped there a couple times. There used to be a pay box there that asked for like $2.00 / per day if I remember right. They've re-worked that area quite a bit recently that added some camp spots so I'm not sure if that has changed at all.
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    Thanks I had forgotten all about the parking area down by BFE as well. We just always see the Gemini bridges. Yeah I knew there was a box now I just couldn't remember if it was for parking or for the camping or both.

    Thanks that alleviates my parking fears. I'd much rather leave the trailer attached to the truck at least that way they'd have to steal both of them.

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