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    VW decisions - help me decide

    I own one of those *gasp* cheating diesels... The sky is falling and it's belching poisons gas with every mile akin to Mt. Vesuvius. I'm keeping it (or another tdi) The End!

    But...I filled out the paper work online to see what my options were. And before we go that far, we are talking about a '09 JSW with 140k on the clock. 39k of those are mine, so we have a bit of history here. I've done some DIY repairs, had a very nice tint job installed and come to love my little wagon. It's in good shape, but not excellent. It has very little rust showing from being from Chicago originally, but you have to know where to look.

    #1 sell them back the car for $13,225. Turn around and buy another.

    Pros: Fewer miles. Potential to be newer/nicer.
    Cons: None within 200 miles. Have to do TTL again. No history with car. will need a timing belt at 120k. Re-tint as it gets too darn hot here.
    Prerequisites: the 13k has to cover ALL costs of getting new. I can't have any out of pocket expenses. Has to be as nice as what I have with similar equipment.

    #2 Have them fix my car and pocket $5100

    Pros: have a car I know well. will get a new warranty for 22k more miles or until 2019. Much less hassle. New timing belt done at 101k. Got some things coming up this fall and I could use the money!
    Cons: No car upgrade. Mileage and age put me closer to warranty expiring.

    Another twist is I could go with option 1, but find one that hasn't been fixed and perhaps end up with the 5100 anyway??

    It's a good situation to be in. Can't say that I've ever been in a position to win either way, at least regarding automobiles.

    Am I not considering something obvious?
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    What am I missing? You are currently happy with said car? If yes, this is a no-brainer.

    Option one is filled with loads of work, unknowns, and drama. Option 2 you keep a car you like plus pocket just over $5K.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
    What am I missing? You are currently happy with said car? If yes, this is a no-brainer.

    Option one is filled with loads of work, unknowns, and drama. Option 2 you keep a car you like plus pocket just over $5K.

    this....! if you like the car keep it and take the money.

    getting in to any used car is all ways gamble I would stick with one I know and like
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    Yeah, I am happy. But it is aging, and I just saw signs of rust that I didn't know were there. I just don't want to miss an opportunity to upgrade when it might work out without taking money out of my pocket. VW is offering a warranty on basically the engine to 162k or 10 years. So even with a new car, a lot of items would be covered.

    Appreciate the feedback.

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    We had a "cheater" 2011 Touareg TDI, we bought it in 2012 for $45K, and we loved it.
    They paid out to us a total of $43K 5 months ago.
    so for 6 years we had an almost "free" car.
    We now have a car that isn't as peppy and poor gas mileage.
    We miss that VW... especially when we head to our home in the mountains, but that third row now is beneficial.
    But my 2003 PSD now pulls the new car (Acura MDX), so I got that going for me.
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    I had a 2012 Jetta TDI that was also a cheater, i actually did the trade in last year for a few reasons;

    1 - We actually needed a bigger car for the wife to drive, 3 kids in the back of the jetta was a bit cramped
    2 - With my knowledge of diesels, I didn't see a way that the fix wouldn't involve losing 4-5mpg and the addition of a full SCR type system
    3 - I didn't want to deal with keeping it, and then when I did want to trade it in, having to suffer a reduced trade in value at that point in the game

    So, If you are seeing rust on it already, If it were me I would take advantage of the trade, and then try and get into a TSI type model, which from some quick searching, you could get into something that is a few years newer, under 100k miles and still has leather seats and such for about what they are paying you.
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    Thanks Tacotoy. In the end, the EPA was a bit lenient on these diesels and the mods aren't too invasive and the max reported mileage loss I heard was 2mpg, but others are saying they are not seeing any.

    I think my decision is wait until I do anything until around August. If I happen to find a suitable replacement (I'm 99% sure I'm sticking with tdi) then I will sell it back. If I don't, then I'll have them fix it and drive on. Truthfully, I don't plan to keep this car forever, and perhaps when I am ready to get into another one, the 2015's will be in my price range.

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    Is it August yet? Oops... well I went and bought another. A year newer (which has an updated interior) and 50k less miles. Even flying to AZ, a night in a hotel, food, gas, & registration, I should still be putting 600+ into my pocket. One owner AZ car, very clean with NO RUST! It has had the emissions update, which comes with a fairly hefty drivetrain warranty! It's as nice or nicer than what I currently drive. Even has GPS (which I assume will need updated). And any additions (Weathertech mats, AEM air filter, etc) I have on my current JSW will just transfer over! The only downside I know of, is that I am assuming the tint job isn't the higher end ceramic based stuff that I currently enjoy. But that is something I can address if I ever feel the need. The color is a graphite, which isn't horrible, but I do like the white one I drive now as it doesn't get so dang hot in the summer sun.

    Here's to hoping I'm not kicking myself this summer. But as I see it, it's a car I plan to hold onto for a long time and whatever waves have been created by the Sept 2018 deadline will have diffused by the time I consider moving on.

    Now to source some cheap tires and/or wheels to turn it in with so I can keep my near new setup I just acquired.

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