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Thread: 2018 Wrangler

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    2018 Wrangler

    2018 Wrangler is out. What's everyone thoughts on it? Finally getting a diesel option! And even a full electric in 2020?

    JLU Rubi starts at $41k! Sheezus.

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    I see Jeep has continued their practice of price gouging.
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    I think it is one sweet ride! My first Jeep was a 1982 CJ7 that I purchased in 1984. It had a whopping 115 HP 258 in line 6, rode rough, was noisy, and was slow. And I loved it! I still own that CJ7 (although heavily modified) and also purchased a JKU just over a year ago. There is no comparison between these two vehicles. The JKU makes about 250% more power and easily runs down the road at 70 MPH. My old CJ was down to 40 MPH or less over the passes and was almost a traffic nuisance. Luckily, everything else from that era was also slow. It kills me to read the professional evaluation of the JKs and how rough they ride and how noisy they are at road speeds. Really? It's a flipping Jeep for crying out loud!!! The new JL just seems to be a JK with more refinements. They are a very comfortable and capable vehicle!
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    41k isn't too bad. TRD Pro 4Runners are in that range (much higher with CO market adjustment), and arguably the only comparable vehicle on the market. BUT, the resale on the runner will be much better.

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