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    Still following! Thanks for the update!
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    Went out to Hugo and got another front clip, hopefully I can turn 2 busted ones into one good one..

    20180321_104755 by colorado_baja, on Flickr

    More on that later.

    Cut the van body off this weekend, still runs and drives!

    20180325_171943 by colorado_baja, on Flickr

    Didn't go exactly as planned.. I got super lucky and managed to not smash the glass out of the back doors some how..

    IMG-0023 by colorado_baja, on Flickr

    Normally I wouldn't care about the glass but I wanted to save the back half to use as a redneck storage container for the duration of this project. Gonna pop rivet some sheet metal scraps to the bulkhead to fill in the gaps and foam/caulk the crap out of the rest.

    20180325_172034 by colorado_baja, on Flickr
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