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    Flex A Lite radiator and electric fan assy YJ/TJ

    Curious if anyone has any experience with the Flex A Lite radiator and fan assy for the YJ/TJ models
    wondering if it will keep a 4.o stroker cool in all driving conditions and when crawling
    Or other options to use
    Thank you
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    It probably wont work well for you...
    The benefits from MILSPEC requirements are priceless!

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    I have it in my jeep but mine was built for the LS swap that I did. Does just fine. But biggest improvement I made on my old 4.0 was the Flowkooler water pump. Not a stroker but it did make a big difference.

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    A stroker motor in and of itself would require a negligible cooling system capacity increase (just enough to cool the extra displacement, and related additional fuel that goes with it). This increase can usually be absorbed by the factory cooling system.

    The primary engine factors that might require additional cooling capacity are compression ratio, camshaft specs, and any forced induction plans (all of which often accompany a stroker motor install).

    In my opinion- A stroker with mild compression, a mild camshaft, etc- should be fine if coupled with a correctly functioning stock cooling system. The folks that get into trouble are those that are putting a high compression stroker in with a cooling system that has 200K miles on it. At that point there is often enough scale in the radiator and the water passages within the motor that it can't stay cool.

    I am cheap- and $800 for a fan and radiator combo is not cost effective, but I have no doubts it will keep your motor cool.
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    I installed one of these on a YJ with a V8 swap years ago. Never had any overheating issues.

    Poverty is right though. Do some reading over on and you'll find most guys are having no problems with stock cooling systems. I was chasing overheating on my stroker and narrowed it down to cam timing.

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    Thank you for the input

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