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    Goat ibex 2 seat buggy any one have one?

    There is a Goat ibex 2 seat buggy online I'm thinking about buying..

    vortex 5.3
    60 front 14 rear

    any input.
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    I saw it for sale. Doesn't it need a few things to finish? I've seen them out on the trail. Seem to do just fine.

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    Sounds like a good deal goat built makes some nice stuff it just depends on the person building it
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    Well did you bring home a new rig?
    If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have none at all.

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    This thread has alot of info on one.
    I suffered trail rejection from a carb infection and after futher inspection fuel injection was my election for proper correction and now I want some gear selection, any question?

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