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    Chinaman's shake down run Take 2

    Went up Friday night to Chinamans, met with rollingblubber, Curt and Mike to run the next day. Pretty windy up there but nice temps. Ran it the next day with the addition of ScaldedDog and his friend up just past whales tail when some of us decided to go back down and meet up with Walt that had come up later due to phone alarm issues. ScaldedDog and his friend continued the trail. (Mark, would love to run with you again! Nice runner!), - We all headed back up and ran the trail without any major issues (shifter linkage problem on one rig) and no carnage to speak of. Thanks to all of you who ran the trail, we had a blast! Also great meeting Mark and Robin, who decided to visit us in that crazy buggy on 49's.

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    Ok, do not know how to attach pic's so here is a google drive share link for those interested:

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    Nice collection of rigs! So I missed another good time.
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    Glad you all had fun looks like weather was decent too!

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    TJ, get with me if you want that winch mount for the truck. 720-207-3237. Mike
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    Will do Mike, thanks.

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