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Thread: Mt. Baldy trail

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    Mt. Baldy trail

    Went up old stage road to Mt. Baldy trail yesterday. Old stage road was in the worst condition I've ever seen, washboards, ruts and potholes the entire way. Can't wait to see what bolts came loose.

    The trail it's self was still fairly snow packed but easy if you kept your momentum. The water crossing at the beginning wasn't deep or icy at all.

    Got to the clearing no problem, hung out and shot some guns and then kept moving up the trail.

    Past the clearing was a whole different story, the snow quickly became ice and on the slight off camber section of the trail both jeeps slid off. The toyotas made it through no problem. To quote someone in the group "toyotas don't get stuck" haha

    Well I like jeeps and I got stuck

    Quick work with a shovel and we were back on the trail, a couple hundred feet past the off camber left hand turn the tracks went away and there was a foot or so of snow that hadn't been passed. All of us having to work the next day and with the sun setting and snow starting to fall we decided to pack up and turn around.

    Awesome trip and a whole lot of fun. Here's a YouTube video of our trip.

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    Thanks for the pic's! What a weather change from the previous week. Glad to see everyone had a good time!
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